Weave your tales in ways your audience will never forget.

Whether it is a short piece or a sprawling epic, your audience wants to feel like they are a part of this adventure. Here are some of the fields we support.

Also, heads up! We’re bilingual!

Brazilian Portuguese (native) and English (fluent).

Story & Plot

From the opening scene to the end credits, your audience’s journey should always be memorable. Let’s flesh out your story, keeping flow, pacing, and consistency in mind. (Yes, even post-credit scenes.)


Light up the fires of a new, exciting world – even if you bring us just a spark of a thought. Give your development team the needed codex to your saga. Reward players’ curiosity in natural and exciting ways.


Characters: the spokespeople to your story. From the innkeeper to the Big Bad, voices and interactions should feel unique, as they must perceive and react differently to your world’s events and inhabitants.

Lore, Trivia & Flavor Text

Loreheads have a field day when they find a nugget of interesting information in an old book, ancient parchment of a character’s biography. Add an extra layer of narrative goodness by having these.


There’s no such thing as a second “first impression”, so might as well make sure your first promotional material on websites, social media & online marketplaces hits the spot, resonating with your audience.

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We offer special deals for minorities, underrepresented groups, and solo / small developers.